What is the Dolphin Parent Toolkit?

The Dolphin Parent Toolkit is a service provided to you by the Davis PTA. You can access the school directory, make purchases and donations, sign up to volunteer for school events - all online, all in one place. The Dolphin Parent Toolkit is for all Davis families. You do not need to be a PTA member to have a Parent Toolkit account. Read more about the Dolphin Parent Toolkit.


How do I create my Dolphin Parent Toolkit Account?

Click on the Login/Register button and follow the instructions.  Or you can first read these detailed instructions on how to create your account.


Is there a mobile app I can install on my Phone?

Yes, there is.  Use the links below or search for the "Membership Toolkit" in your Phone's App store.  You will need to create an account on our Dolphin Parent Toolkit website before you can log in on your phone, however. You can access the entire Toolkit site contents via the app.



How should two parents setup and manage their Toolkit account?

Two-parent households should setup shared access of a single account. Each parent can have their own log-in information. When Parent #1 creates the Toolkit account, he/she can provide name and email information for the second parent.  Then Parent #2 can log in, verify his/her email address and be connected to the account of Parent #1.


Co-parents living in different households can choose to either share an account for their child, or to have separate parent accounts for the same child.


What is the Online Open House?

The Online Open House is a packet of forms you will be presented with when you create your Dolphin Parent Toolkit account.  The Open House packet includes forms for  PTA membership, PTA Provides Fund donation, Davis gear orders, and Volunteer Interests.  Complete these forms from the comfort of home, so your Ice Cream Social can go smoother.


What if I want to join/donate/volunteer/purchase after the Online Open House?

No worries.  After our initial registration period with the Online Open House, we'll have forms available for you to do each of those individual activities.  You can access the forms through the main menu in two ways: (1) My Account, then Open Forms/Paperwork, or (2) through the Donate, Store, Volunteer, etc. links on the main menu.


Why do I have to login to make purchases?

When you login to make purchases and donations, you create an electronic history of your activity on Toolkit that you can easily find on this site. It also makes it easier for PTA volunteers to track PTA's financial activity and to deliver orders to your child.  It will save countless hours for our parent volunteers.


Can I donate to PTA or join PTA without a Toolkit Account?

Yes, you can! You can donate to PTA Provides with our offline donation form.  You can become a PTA member with this offline membership form.

Business sponsors do not need a Toolkit account to become sponsors.  They can fill out the sponsorship form as a guest. 



How can I access my membership page?

Visit your specific membership page with this link.  You can see your Orders for Davis Merchandise, Change your Password, and update Communication settings for your account.


How do I change my password?

I forgot my password or I want to change my password.  Password update link.


How do I update my profile?

Use the Profile Link to update your name or your photo (if you want)


Is davisdolphins.org still active?  How is its content different from the Dolphin Parent Toolkit?

Yes, www.davisdolphins.org is our Davis Elementary Website and it is active. Check it out! It has lots of information about the school and the programs that PTA provides to the school. 


Our Dolphin Parent Toolkit is hosted by a service called Membership Toolkit. Think of the Dolphin Parent Toolkit as your "action site", where you can join PTA, donate, buy gear, sign up to volunteer.


You can move between the Toolkit and the Davis Elementary Website using links provided on each site. 


More Questions? Please contact toolkit@davisdolphins.org

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